Bedford College does not provide any on campus accommodation, however there are different accommodation options available to international students in Sydney. Each type of accommodation has its own unique range of features. Some will align with your preferences and budget more than others. There’s a type of accommodation to suit everyone!. For more information, please visit

Purpose-built student accommodation

You may hear this accommodation type called, simply, ‘student accommodation’. Located either on campus or near education providers, student accommodation can be incredibly convenient places to live.

In this kind of accommodation, you may have an apartment to yourself or share with fellow students. Rooms are generally fully furnished and come with 24-hour support. There is a real sense of community in student accommodation, and you will have many opportunities to make friends with other international and domestic students. This kind of accommodation may also offer facilities such as a gym, pool, BBQ area and study areas.

How much does student accommodation cost? The cheapest studio apartments and single rooms in a shared apartment are available from around $200 (AUD) per week but can go up to $500 (AUD) per week. Rent generally includes all utilities, but you will need to buy and cook your own meals. Check out these providers.

Private rentals and shared housing

This is true independent living! A private rental means renting a house, flat or apartment from a private landlord or real estate agent. You can rent by yourself or with other people, and rooms may be furnished or unfurnished. Private accommodation rent does not include utilities and you will have to buy and cook your own meals. Tenants NSW provides useful tips and information about renting in New South Wales.

How much does a private rental cost? A one-bedroom apartment or unit in the Sydney city centre will cost a minimum of $450 (AUD) per week. A three- or four-bedroom house will cost around $550 (AUD) - $650 (AUD) per week. The further the house, flat or apartment is from the centre of Sydney, the cheaper the rent will be. Check out the following links to see what private rentals are available in Sydney.


Eager to experience living like a local Australian? Homestay could be perfect for you! With homestay, you live with a family in their home. The host family will provide a furnished room with a study space and access to communal spaces and facilities such as a washing machine.

Staying with a family provides you with the chance to get to know them and enjoy a familial atmosphere in an Australian home.

How much does homestay cost? The weekly fee for a homestay is around $250 without meals provided and around $350 (AUD) per week with meals. The fee includes utilities. However, additional administrative fees may also be required.

Eager to learn more about homestay? Check out these providers.